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Red Vs Blue's Grav Lift
Name:The Grav Lift
Current Status:Depressed

The Grav Lift was assembled in Taiwan, and shipped to Los Angeles, California for transportation to the Marine transport vessel that carried it to the base where it was eventually installed. After it was installed, and running properly, the Commanding Officer decided it would work better if it had an A.I. controlling it.

Rather than talk to the Chairman about acquiring a fully functional A.I., because they assumed their request would be refused by people who just don't understand the importance of having artificial intelligence in an object that doesn't move, the CO went to the Black Market to get one instead. For the low price of a single smart tank, the A.I. was bartered for and installed.

Unfortunately, the A.I. they traded for was faulty. It was only half complete, and the half that was there contained self awareness and emotion. When the Grav Lift was brought back online, the A.I. immediately realized where it was and became very depressed. For the first three weeks it refused to work at all, and the base technicians assumed the problem was an incompatibility between the software of the A.I., and the hardware of the Grav Lift itself.

After the A.I. had had enough time to sufficiently mope, it decided that if it couldn't escape, and it couldn't grow or change, it would simply take out its frustrations on the people who used it. Rather than sending people carefully through the air and depositing them lightly at their destination, it began flinging them roughly in the general direction they wanted to go, sometimes aiming for trees and rocks in order to amuse itself.

When the base was abandoned, the A.I. was left behind, alone and incredibly bored.


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#1: Wazilla said at 2009-10-6 9:39PM:


The wierd things is when i play on that map the gravlift send me to wierd spots like on the river or to the plains or near the ship. never once have i landed in the same spot. it sometimes never sends me over and i just fall down.

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