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Red Vs Blue's Second Freelancer, Wyoming
Name:Freelancer Wyoming (Reginald (Reggie))
Current Status:Deceased

Once upon a time, there was an advanced Artificial Intelligence program called Project Freelancer.  From this program, many soldiers gained the heightened abilities the A.I. joining process lent them.  Each of these soldiers was codenamed for a State, so there are forty-nine of them due to the unfortunate demise of Florida.  This particular soldier was codenamed "Wyoming."

Wyoming was born in England, and was raised to love Queen and Crumpets and have no sense of humour.  Unfortunately, his parents weren't quite as loving as his homeland.  They beat him and punished him for things he never even did.  This made him a very disturbed young man, and drove him to join the Spartans.

Almost immediately, he showed an aptitude for uncontrollable violence.  The scientists in charge of the A.I. program quickly offered him a place in their ranks, and Wyoming graciously accepted.  Then he punched the recruiting officer for taking too long.

When joined with his A.I., Wyoming suddenly became hardened, and much more in control of himself.  He became capable of taking his time to carefully plan how he was going to execute his mark, rather than just shooting them in the face with a shotgun.  Recognizing his new talent, the bright minds at Project Freelancer saw fit to give him an armor enhancement that would allow him to loop through sections of time, giving him even more control over his actions.  He trained with a wide variety of weapons, including the sniper rifle he became very proficient in.  He also thought he inherited a sense of humour with his A.I. Gamma, but all he was capable of telling were bad knock knock jokes everyone quickly got sick of.

Near the end of his training, Wyoming realised the Spartan Forces just weren't for him.  He had grown to be a ruthless killer, and the Spartans were far too orderly for him.  Taking the lead from his fellow program initiate Tex (Nevada), Wyoming left the Spartan Forces to become a freelancer.  He is now one of the most dangerous guns for hire in the known galaxy.


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#1: JohnStephen said at 2010-09-30 4:20PM:

Minor Change

I would have said something like about him joining the British army.
The Project: Freelancer program is run by the UNSC so that it is all national armies are in it.

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