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Red Vs Blue's Freelancer Agent North Dakota
Name:Agent North Dakota
Current Status:Deceased

Agent North Dakota is the elder twin of Agent South Dakota. They were always treated the same by everyone growing up, because they were twins, and because their mother went out of her way to make sure everyone they knew would treat them similarly. They were even dressed the same. Because his mother thought herself "progressive," that meant they were both dressed like girls.

This led to some serious identity problems for North, and an unnatural amount of ridicule from his classmates. His friends would likely have ridiculed him too, but he didn't have any. He discovered cocaine at a very young age and used it to cope with the effemininity that was imposed upon him, and his constant loneliness. He had to sneak out of the house to buy jeans and regular shirts in order to score the coke, going behind his mother's back just for a small taste of individuality.

Because of the mentally debilitating effects of the drug, he had to work extra hard to succeed at school, and with the dedication he forced himself in to having he actually did quite well. After graduating high school (and discovering the joys of LSD while attending) he found himself in a bar talking with a stranger. Ridiculously drunk, he explained his history to this man, including being a twin and being treated exactly the same. The man later called on both of them at home and recruited them in to the Marines, for use in Project Freelancer.

Because they'd been treated the same regarding everything else, North expected that they would either both receive A.I., or neither of them would. If only one of them received an A.I., he figured it would be his sister, since she was at least somewhat well adjusted. He was more surprised than anyone when he was assigned the A.I. Theta and she wasn't given one.

Once Theta was inside North's head, and saw the chaos that was going on in there, Theta immediately set out to try and help him clean himself up. Theta got him off the drugs shortly before North and South were assigned to the same outpost, him with an A.I., her without. On the one year anniversary of getting off drugs, their outpost was attacked, and his sister sacrificed him to their attacker in order to save herself. Rest in peace, Agent North.


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#1: kingzak13 said at 2010-09-9 6:27AM:


south dakota is a bitch

it seems that toward the end north was happy

which then makes the death more depressing

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