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Red Vs Blue's Meta
Name:The Meta (Agent Maine)
Current Status:Unknown

The Meta started out as Agent Maine, and is ironically actually from Maine. His childhood was rather uneventful, having two perfectly normal and well-adjusted parents to raise him to be a perfectly normal and well-adjusted young man. He did slightly above average in school, and ended up enlisting in the Marines because it seemed like the thing to do.

He ended up making it in to Project Freelancer, and at first everything was going fine for him. He was given general training at first, and demonstrated a slight proficiency in combat, so they gave him a larger visor and accelerated his weapons training. He was learning new skills, making friends... then he got his A.I., and went from being perfectly normal to being exceptional in a matter of minutes.

The sudden change affected him greatly. All of a sudden he was open to new possibilities and new opportunities. More importantly, he suddenly had great power at his disposal. He wasn't used to being in this position, but he understood one thing perfectly: he must acquire more.

As he continued to progress through Project Freelancer, he heard whispers from his A.I. about The Alpha, which was rumored to be the original A.I. from which all other A.I. were copied: pure and uncorrupt. If he was to fully explore his capabilities with these A.I., he knew he had only one goal: find Alpha.

In order to make this happen, when he had his time to himself and could do what he wanted, he started hunting down other Freelancers that had A.I.s, and taking them. He took one, then another, then another. With each new A.I. he felt more power, more strength; it was an addiction which must be fed. And so he feeds...


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#1: bk0206 said at 2009-05-18 6:19PM:


cant beleive he went from normal to fucked up

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