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Character Bios - Red vs Blue

Red Vs Blue's Alpha A.I.

Alpha is the original A.I. that was lent to Project Freelancer for their implantation experiments. It was based off the man who would eventually become the Director of Project Freelancer, Doctor Leonard Church.

During Project Freelancer's experiments, it became clear they were going to need more A.I. than just Alpha, so they tried to copy Alpha and found they couldn't. Then, for the betterment and survival of mankind, Doctor Church had the A.I. based off his own mental patterns tortured until fragments of it broke off and became their own distinct A.I. units.

Project Freelancer then buried the A.I. where they thought nobody would ever find it: in a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. As it existed there it reclaimed the identity of the man from whom it was based: Leonard Church.


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Comments (1-2 of 2)
#1: churchgirl77 said at 2008-11-24 9:17AM:

I understand

Finally, I understand how there were two Churchs! After I saw the final episode of Reconstructoin, I was confused about that, but now it makes sense!
#2: Crunchbite said at 2009-07-28 6:10AM:

Very true

Heh, you were not the only one who was confused, trust me. It took me a while before I figured it out. At least we now know that there are two Churches, not one.

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