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Red Vs Blue's Sarge
Red Vs Blue's Sarge in his shiny new Halo 2 armor
Current Status:Sarge

Sarge is the Staff Sargeant of the red team, making him the only actual officer in the entire canyon.  He's a gruff southerner, with all that entails, right down to the fiery temper.  He was abused as a child, which had a deep psychological effect on him.  Sarge may appear entirely angry on the outside, but deep down he just wants to be loved.  He also doesn't like wasting money or polluting any more than is absolutely necessary, and made a habit of riding the bus whenever possible.

As a young boy, he showed a remarkable aptitude for engineering.  He worked for Microsoft before being shipped to Blood Gulch, and was Steve Ballmer's speech writer for the PDC conference in 2001.  He was always seeking ways to broaden his horizons, though, and spent some time at nursing assistant school, learning an incidental amount of biology along the way.  He also participated as a livestock judge in several local fairs, and sometimes was asked to help judge agriculture contests because of his reputation for perfect fairness.

As the only officer, he's also the only person with the authority to leave the canyon of his own volition.  This is an ability that comes in handy sometimes, for instance when he has a meeting to attend back on Earth.  He's also the only member of the red team that gets to talk to Red Command.

He has a substantial amount of technical training, but almost no computer experience.  He also spent time during the war jumping out of planes at high altitude, which helped him develop a healthy fear of heights.


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Comments (1-4 of 4)
#1: Frankfurter said at 2008-12-2 10:51PM:

Amazingly clean for such a gruff man.

Except for episode 12, I don't think I've ever heard Sarge curse. Anyone else notice that strange bit of useless trivia?
#2: Denim said at 2009-01-2 11:10PM:

Quite unclean

He cusses quite a bit. His third line of the series is "GodDAMMIT, Private. Shut your mouth before I have Simmons slit your throat while you're asleep!" However, in main canon, he's only said "Fuck" once.
#3: Aryam said at 2009-01-5 12:12PM:

You dirtbag!

Developers, developers, developes (x37)
#4: Stormer1850 said at 2009-03-4 9:40AM:


Where do you want to go today dirtbag!

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