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Red Vs Blue's Private Simmons
Red Vs Blue's Private Simmons in his shiny new Halo 2 armor
Name:Private Richard (Dick) Simmons
Current Status:Mostly Robot

Simmons is a big kissass.  There's just about nothing he won't do for his superior officers, including poisoning his own team members,.  Fortunately for him, the immense amount of sucking up and kissing ass pays off, making him his Sargeant's favorite Private.

He's Dutch Irish, with all that entails.  Basically, he can really hold his liquor.  He's also a little easy to rile up sometimes.  As everybody should be, Simmons is very proud of his heritage.

As a young Irish lad, he always dreamed of being second in command of a marginally successful military unit with a Commanding Officer who cared about him.  He also always wanted the respect and admiration of his peers, because his childhood was not one that was likely to make him any friends among the so-called "cool kids."

It turns out that before joining the military, he was a computer programmer.  He was also very, very good at his job.  He was so good, in fact, that Microsoft recuited him to help on Windows Longhorn as a department head, and invited him to the 2003 PDC conference in L.A.  He just couldn't leave his friends in the Gulch to work on code, though, and ended up returning to continue fighting the good fight.

His experience coding helped make him very analytical, and completely sucked away any remote semblence of a creative imagination.  He still likes to evaluate any given situation before making a judgment or decision on it.  What he doesn't want his teammates to know is that he originally aspired to be the Director of Project Freelancer, where he would be showered with praise from his subordinates at all times, but upon failing that goal he settled for standard military service.

Unfortunately, his constant desire for approval would become a crutch, and Achilles' Heel if you will.  Simmons has come to rely on others for the love and support he never received from his own father, who was always far too drunk to do anything more than sleep on the couch and vomit.  He grew up shy and with a self-conscious need to protect himself from ridicule, as well as becoming a germophobe, to the point of only showering and going to the bathroom in his house.  And now he's in the Military, where everything is shared.


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#1: 007bond said at 2005-11-14 5:42PM:

The Actor Behind the Character

I'd like to see the details about who voices which actors, like we could in your old website.
#2: Aryam said at 2009-01-5 11:50AM:

Oh Simmons!

What would be of the Red team without their nerd? Definitely not as much fun.
#3: Roads said at 2010-08-4 12:05AM:

Fist Sentence WIN

Oh, Simmons, you frigging kissass; we love you xD

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