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Red Vs Blue's Director
Name:The Director (Leonard Church)
Current Status:Waiting Patiently

The Director was born Leonard Church, and was raised in a small town in Texas outside Austin. As he grew up through adolescence, he became accustomed to getting his way, which shortened his temper. He was also raised by people who knew what they were doing with their lives, and who worked hard to progress in the direction they'd chosen. These values were instilled on him, along with fierce loyalty and dedication to humanity and to whatever he took upon himself to do, even if it meant working outside the established rules.

While at University he met the girl of his dreams. They fell in love, despite having very different outlooks on life: she felt anything worth having was worth fighting for, and he felt anything worth having could be gained without the use of force. She joined the Marines while they were together, and he furthered his research, doing in-depth work on nanotechnology and psychology. Their love for each other grew as their beliefs grew further apart.

Through his relationship with her, he learned patience, but it was already too late; the Great War had begun, and she had signed up to fight aliens without him. Unskilled in war, Leonard applied his intellect to finding more efficient and better ways to keep human soldiers alive and to shorten the duration of combat by making the weapons more precise and more deadly. After doing this for some time he was invited to teach at the University, and accepted a position there as the war continued, feeling he could best serve the troops by arming them with the ability to think well.

While at the University he volunteered to have his brain scanned and charted, and his mental patterns duplicated in A.I. form. He taught for several years, before being recruited to lead Project Freelancer. Based on his history of successful weapon and defense designs, and his understanding of the human mind, they felt he was the optimal person to lead one of their experimental development programs.

Project Freelancer was granted a single A.I. with which to experiment. It didn't take Leonard long to realize it was the A.I. based on his own mental patterns, which had been named "Alpha." Despite this realization, it was necessary for the betterment of the project for this A.I. to be tortured and split, so that more A.I. could be implanted in Freelancers being sent in to the field.

As the years drew on, after the end of the war as humanity settled back down to more reasonable pursuits, Leonard never forgot the terrible things he did to his A.I. self, but has consoled himself in the understanding that at the time, under those circumstances, those actions were absolutely necessary for the survival of mankind.


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Comments (1-4 of 4)
#1: kevin77pwnge said at 2010-05-21 4:36PM:

why is the director a robot?

why is he a just a robot on the ceiling
#2: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:22AM:

a reply

because you never see his face or any f him
#3: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:27AM:

the director

church is actually based on the director

and i belive tex is based on the girl he loved
cause she is probably a robot
#4: Mozeo said at 2013-06-23 9:36AM:


I wonder if this will update, since now we have seen the director's face.

Also, Church is directly based on the Director, but Tex is not directly based on Tex. Tex is based on the Director's memory of Tex.

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