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Red Vs Blue's Robot Lopez
Red Vs Blue's Robot Lopez's disembodied Halo 2 head
Name:Lopez the Heavy
Current Status:So very, very lonely

Lopez is a robotic mechanic built by Sarge.  Unfortunately, when Sarge built him Red Command was out of speech units, so it takes a while for him to be able to say anything.  Even more unfortunately, when the speech unit finally does arrive it gets damaged by a static electric discharge during the installation process, only allowing him to speak one language: Spanish.

During the construction process, Sarge had a specific switch he wanted to install to enable Lopez to take control of the Warthog he knew would be delivered by Command.  Even more unfortunately than everything else up to this point, a massive amount of dirt found its way inside the switch, damaging it in such a way as to make it cause other parts of his mechanical body to malfunction.

When he's first introduced to the rest of the red team, he's driving the Warthog in for demonstration.  For the duration of his stay with the reds, he goes out of his way to take very good care of it.  Sarge also programmed Lopez to hate Grif, which brings him close to Sarge's heart, where he will stay forever.


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#1: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 7:45AM:


Fifth paragraph - "This wouldn normally have been very beneficial..." The second word is missing the "'t". And since episode 73 (I think) we know the whereabouts of Lopez.
#2: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:50AM:


lopez wasn't programmed to hate grif

he learn't it all by himself
#3: Roads said at 2010-07-26 8:48PM:


Oh, Lopez. You're so awesome. xDD

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