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Red Vs Blue's bomb, Andy
Name:Andy, the Bomb
Whatever colour bombs are
Current Status:Detonated

ANDY'S THE BOMB!  He was created many years ago, in the same factory that produced Sheila, the tank.  Actually, rumor has it he was created at the same time as Sheila too.  They used to be fast friends, but then Sheila got shipped out.

Andy was heartbroken.  He spent the days starting up his timer, then stopping it at 1 second, then repeating the process.  Honestly, Andy was a wreck.  Finally, one day he talked his way on to a Spartan transport ship destined for Sidewinder.

He tried making friends with his travelling companions, but they just didn't understand him.  There was something about humans that just rubbed Andy the wrong way.  When the transport arrived at Sidewinder, Andy got off and bid his companions adieu, only to be blasted in to the future by a big fucking bomb.  Somehow, Andy wasn't thrown as far in to the future as the rest of time was.  He stopped a few hundred years short, and found a race he could actually relate to.

Andy and his new friends got along incredibly well until the time of the Great Destroyer drew near, and his friends went in to hiding for fear of imminent death and excrutiating pain.  It didn't help matters any that his friends already knew Andy was going to be the one to cause some of that pain, whether he knew it or not.  The extensive delay between construction and detonation caused some of his parts to break down, and he ended up sitting around unable to perform his duty until someone can repair him.  Now that he's failed to detonate, however, his friends have started to come out of hiding...


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Comments (1-2 of 2)
#1: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:57AM:


this is all lies

andy was built by tex to kill O'malley
#2: catieo said at 2010-08-14 2:52PM:

i agree

i agree Andy was a protocol robot at first then tex converted him into a bomb, if you remember thats how he can understand alien

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