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Red Vs Blue's Great Weapon
Name:The Great Weapon
Light Pulsating Blue
Current Status:Disabled

The Great Weapon was built many thousands of years ago, even before the Genetics Wars that created the Great Destroyer.  Five thousand years before it was found by the people who wiped out the Garwenians, it was instrumental in ending another massive conflict: it was used to obliterate both sides of the war, and everything else on the planet as well.

When it was unearthed five thousand years later, its discoverers immediately realized what it was after running a few tests on it.  They discovered that although it may look like just a standard melee weapon, it holds power much greater than that.  Power so great that it must never be discovered.

They built an entire complex just to house the weapon and keep it safe from prying eyes, and then built a second complex nearby whose sole purpose was to maintain the first complex.  They understood that if the weapon were ever unearthed by people who did not understand its full capabilities, only massive tragedy on an unimaginable scale would follow.

Unfortunately, over time, the building itself that was housing the weapon began to break down structurally.  The cooling unit directly above it developed a small hole, just large enough for a person to squeeze through, and over time the hole became larger.

The second facility was built because the race's seers looked in to the future during the Genetics Wars, and foresaw their doom at the hands of a member of the Garwenian race.  Desperate to stem their own destruction, they engaged in germ warfare in an effort to preserve their future selves.  Little did they know they were creating the one creature they needed to fear the most...


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