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Red Vs Blue's Private Jimmy
Name:Private Jimmy
Current Status:Deceased

Jimmy was born in a small town in Louisiana.  He was raised Christian, and has always held to his proper southern virtues and Christian morals.  When he heard of the coming war between the Spartans and the Covenant, Jimmy did what he felt was right: he enlisted.

His girlfriend was not exactly pleased about his choice in this matter.  She would have preferred Jimmy stay home, not putting himself in mortal danger in front of almost certain death.  But Jimmy was set on his course, and not even the naked body of his girlfriend could sway him.  Now, you might say "If he holds true to Christian values, why was he seeing his girlfriend naked?"  That's a good question, but I'm trying to tell a story here.  Just go with it.

After enlisting, Jimmy quickly finished his Spartan training and found himself stationed on Sidewinder.  He got very close to one of his fellow soldiers, a Private named Church, who was also from the south and was named after a place Jimmy used to go every Sunday.

Jimmy and Church became fast friends, talking about all sorts of things.  It turned out Church had a girlfriend back on Earth too, so they had something they could relate to in each other.  Unfortunately, just as they were in a meaningful, heartfelt conversation about their distant girlfriends, Church's beau showed up and started murdering the squadron wearing invisible armor.

Poor Jimmy was the last one to go.  Tex walked up to him, pulled Jimmy's skull right out of his head and beat him to death with it.  Somehow Church escaped the massacre, and he would later report Jimmy's last words to be "This doesn't seem physically possible!"  Not physically possible indeed, Jimmy.  Rest in peace, good buddy.


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#1: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 7:08AM:

Tee hee hee

I think this one's my favorite. Lots of good placed humor. Great job, as always.
#2: JabariTana said at 2007-02-21 7:19PM:

Oh my.

#3: theironpaw said at 2007-06-16 2:10AM:

lol killed with his own skull

lol good review
#4: KingThing said at 2010-05-31 7:19PM:


I'd like to point out that a further review of joining the Spartans is in order.. You don't just "join" the Spartans. According to "Fall of Reach", you're abducted at a young age, usually 5-6, replaced with a flash-clone that dies very quickly, and trained your whole life.
#5: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-25 6:22AM:


i love this death

i want this death to happen to me

anyway the reson chruch survived was because he was going out with church
#6: kingzak13 said at 2010-07-6 6:24AM:


sorry i meant tex not church

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