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Red Vs Blue's Cecil
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Cecil is the little-known older brother of Michael J. Caboose.  Like his brother, their parents had high hopes for him youngest, and they pushed him to get in to acting.  Alas, all Cecil could ever get was a minor role in an episode of General Hospital as corpse #3.

Eventually, with heavy heart, Cecil was forced to give up on his fruitless acting career.  He hung up his scripts, and followed his brother's lead to join up with the Spartans.  This was partly to keep an eye on him after he'd gone through so much loss.  It came as no surprise to anyone when he followed Michael to Blood Gulch.

Once he arrived, he realised he and his brother wore the exact same color armor.  He was then quite shocked to discover his brother was being corrupted by the strange canyon, and becoming progressively more stupid.  Taking his acting hat back in his hand once more, Cecil set out on a very specific mission: he would replace his brother at random times, and make sure nobody knew the difference.

At first, Cecil found it challenging to be convincing as his brother.  Then he realised that if he simply didn't talk, nobody would ever know the difference between him and the real thing.  He practiced not talking, and found he had an unexpected aptitude for it.  While performing this feat, it suddenly dawned on him how brutally unperceptive everyone in the canyon was.

Cecil began taking bolder steps at faking being his brother.  He even stood on top of the Red base for an entire day, just to see if anyone would notice him, but nobody did.  Finally, with all the confidence in the world, Cecil took his most bold step of all: he replaced Caboose for eight full minutes in Battle Creek.

Worried that the Red soldier he was with might realise he wasn't who he claimed to be, he originally spoke quietly.  Then, when it was obvious that this Red soldier had absolutely no idea what Michael sounded like, Cecil spoke more loudly, and tried taking on the speech patterns of his brother.  After a successful mission, he suddenly spied his brother over a hill, and vanished back in to the hills of Battle Creek.

Today, only Cecil himself knows of his whereabouts.


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#1: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 7:15AM:


Third paragraph - "Once he arrived, he realised he and his brother wore the exact same color armor."

I'm pretty sure the word is spelled realized, with a 'z'. You've got the same error on the next paragraph, second sentence. I could be totally wrong and the word is spelled both ways for all I know.
#2: Sarge51 said at 2006-04-12 3:04PM:


Did you jsut make up all that stuff or is it actually true?
#3: trumpeteer said at 2006-05-31 6:57PM:

Wow...'re good. I gotta give you that, you're good.
#4: CptFlowers38 said at 2006-10-21 7:08PM:


i think u should send this to RT, im sure they would love it, they might even make a small reference to someone named cecil if they liked it enough
#5: compbyte said at 2007-01-19 11:41PM:


What in bloody hell? Whered you hear this?
#6: Beidah said at 2008-04-19 9:22PM:


If you have the 5th Season DVD, and you look at the Caboose Dies bonus features, in one of them, Cabooses "Evil Twin Brother" kills him. at which point caboose says "Cecil why?"
#7: OMGaViking said at 2009-01-19 5:31AM:


How Do You Think Of These Things? Also I Noticed You Spelt Realised With An S So I'm Gonna Assume Your Not American.(also it is spelt both ways)
#8: TuckerTaylor said at 2009-03-16 11:17AM:

No sense

#9: Wazilla said at 2009-10-6 9:33PM:

yes sense

Caboose forgot about his brother from the tramua when he saw his girlfriend get mugged.
#10: JohnStephen said at 2010-08-12 9:09AM:

Cecil facts are wrong

Cecil doesn't try to replace him. Cecil is ignored, shadowed by his brother and 17 sisters. No one notices him, even I'd he stands on red base ALL DAY.
He was a camera man who got caught in one scene on red base.

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