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Red Vs Blue's Hambone
Current Status:Deceased. Very very deceased.

Hambone (centered under the targetting reticle for convenience) was abandoned in the woods as a child and raised by bulls.  When the Spartan Forces were doing their sweep of the community to find recruits, they saw Hambone attacking a clothesline by running in to it head first.  They immediately knew they'd found their man, and took him off for training on the spot.

His training officers tried to find some way to immediately use his talents, but just couldn't do it.  When you're raised by bulls, you always act like the bull.  Your very life revolves around being a bull, and it's all you know how to do.  No matter what anyone else did or said, Hambone always attacked any items of persistent motion.

It was so hard breaking Hambone of his instincts for attacking things that moved, that Spartan Command decided to insert him in to their experimental program on Battle Creek.  They pumped him full of drugs and set him loose on the world, where he was an instant hit.  Wherever a flag is to be found, there'll be Hambone, trying to maul it with his head.


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#1: SlackerNinja said at 2006-03-5 2:56AM:

Just saying. . .

This makes no sense.
#2: trumpeteer said at 2006-05-31 6:55PM:


Of course it doesn't make sense, that's what makes it so great.
#3: bloody_grunt said at 2007-08-30 11:16PM:


I remember hambone. I believe that RT used spaces for character names so that when the aiming reticule went over them, the name wouldn't appear. In the episode on beaver creek they forgot (or some other circumstance) To change the name. At various frames of the episode you can see the name "hambone" appear over the spartans head.

Wow, it's been a long time.

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