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Red Vs Blue's Battle Creek Reds
Name:The Battle Creek Reds
Current Status:Deceased ...many times over

Several months ago, Red Command decided it would be a good idea to pump several soldiers full of an experimental drug designed to increase aggressiveness, and put them in Battle Creek to observe the results.  The result of this experiment was the Battle Creek Reds, and it wasn't pretty.

The drug had three unexpected side effects.  First, it raised the voice of anyone who ingested it by no less than one full octave.  Second, everyone who took it became insanely hyper, as if on a permanent manic swing of bipolar disorder.  Third, death was no longer permanent when accompanied by the playing of the song Reveille.

That's right, as long as there is someone around to play Reveille, none of the Battle Creek Reds can become permanently deceased.  When it was discovered that Blue Command had been testing a similar drug on the same land region, things went from bad to worse, as a fourth side effect was discovered: the emergence of unbelievable amounts of stupidity.

As it stands, the Battle Creek Reds are locked in permanent combat with the Battle Creek Blues, constantly being killed and resurrected to continue the pointless bloodletting.  The Reds have only one advantage over the Blues: Hambone.  Hambone acts as both inspiration and abusive Uncle to the Battle Creek Reds, giving them a slight edge in the endless conflict.  Whether that will be enough, only time can tell.


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#1: TomTThomson said at 2006-01-9 1:36PM:


It still says that Hambone is a Red here. I find this funny because in another section it says that Hambone is a blue who was raised by bulls...
#2: bloody_grunt said at 2007-08-30 11:19PM:

I thought

I thought that RT had made it so that the Red team (real red team, from bg) had stumbled into an online, xbl, game of Halo 2 (halo 1 doesn't have online.) That's what it reminds me of anyhow.
#3: JTJdude said at 2008-11-30 10:54PM:


Halo 1 actually does have online play on the computer version. I love the side effects list.

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