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Red Vs Blue's Warthog Jeep (or Puma)
Name:The M12-LRV (The Warthog (The Puma))
Current Status:Replaced

The Warthog is a jeep that looks like a puma, with a big gun on the back.  Sarge calls it the Warthog because the tow hooks in the front look like tusks, and warthogs have tusks.  Just like a walrus.

The Warthog is good for many things.  It's a light reconnaisance vehicle, allowing transportation for up to three people.  It also has a really big chain gun, which allows it to be used for attacks.  Sarge installed a remote control device on it that is triggered by flipping a switch on Lopez, just in case.


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#1: spartanpwner said at 2009-05-14 5:17PM:


Is it a Warthog or a Puma? WHO KNOWS!

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