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Character Bios - Red vs Blue

Red Vs Blue's Robot Army
Name:Lopez's Robot Army
Same as Lopez
Current Status:Destroyed

Lopez built his Robot Army to crush his former allies, the Reds, and his former enemies, the Blues.  He and O'Malley were working together on the side of evil, making everybody their enemy except other people on the side of evil.  Lopez was also suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome after his first robot army, consisteing of himself and Sheila, was destroyed, which is the real reason he built this particular army.

The Robot Army was built with precisely one purpose: to destroy everyone not named Lopez or O'Malley.  All the robots in the army were programmed to win their battles in precisely 24 hours, which generally means they move very, very slowly.  Even Lopez himself, a severed head, gets places faster than they do.  Whether they would have succeeded is a mystery whose answer we shall never truly know, because they were all destroyed by The Great Destroyer during their siege on Lopez and O'Malley's former fortress of evil.  Rest in Peace, Robot Army.


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#1: Hi1820 said at 2008-11-14 3:06PM:

Too Bad

I wish they were still alive

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