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Red Vs Blue's Tank, Sheila
Name:The M808B Main Battle Tank (Sheila)
Current Status:Destroyed

Once upon a time, there was an American automobile company.  Not surprisingly, they made cars.  They turned such a profit doing this that they were asked by the Spartans to build their tanks.  Of course, the only reason they turned such a profit was that they were far too cheap to keep their factories in the U.S., and instead outsourced everything to Mexico.

The end result of this marriage of skills was a very fruitful relationship, in which the Spartans got to spend their entire vehicle budget on almost nothing, and the car company got to rake in the money.  Along the way, several tank designs were totally fucked up and discarded, until seventeen years and hundreds of failed tanks later the M808B Scorpion Battle Tank was designed.

The great thing about these tanks was that the so-called "Smart Tanks," which were rare, came with an onboard Artificial Intelligence.  The first one they came up with for this particular tank was named Phyllis, and this was the A.I. contained in the tank Blue Command sent to Blood Gulch.  The A.I. was designed for simple tasks, such as controlling subroutines and running tutorials for people who had no earthly business being inside it, however that all changed when the A.I.'s name got changed to Sheila.


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#1: theironpaw said at 2007-06-16 2:13AM:

good old sheila

#2: iskate715 said at 2008-03-31 5:28PM:


Shelia! Don't leave me!!!
#3: churchgirl77 said at 2008-11-24 10:16AM:


And just think, church ended up shutting down the "Friendly Fire" feature on Sheila and ended up beign responsible for his own death in the past.
#4: spartanpwner said at 2009-05-14 5:10PM:

M808B Awesome

Hello Phyllis, I mean Sheila
#5: EmeliaD said at 2010-09-26 8:34PM:


Actually, it's M808V, not B

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