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Red Vs Blue's Ghost
Name:The Alien Vehicle
Current Status:Rusting Somewhere

Nobody really knows the origins of this strange purple vehicle.  It's rumored to have bene left behind in Blood Gulch by the Covenant, but the truth is they don't have vehicles like that.  More likely, it was left behind by the previous occupants of the canyon.  It's a little known fact that there was a race of beings living in Blood Gulch hundreds of years before humans or the Covenant even found it.  The race had a few very identifiable characteristics:

  • High Forehead Ridge
  • Long Torso
  • Short Arms
  • Shoulders at the Waist
  • Very Short Legs

In fact, this race's legs were so short they just couldn't get anywhere in a reasonable time if they were walking.  They developed this vehicle to help them get around, and eventually became dependant on them and taking them for granted.  When the vehicles suddenly started breaking down, all the engineers who knew how they worked were dead.  Unable to get around, they were unable to find food and nourish themselves, and very quickly died out.

After the Covenant took over the Gulch, they went out of their way to destroy all trace of this previous alien race, including their technology.  However, they missed a single vehicle hidden deep in a cave...


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#1: Kabuse said at 2006-03-17 8:09AM:


First paragraph, second sentence - "It's rumored to have bene left behind in Blood Gulch by the Covenant, but the truth is they don't have vehicles like that. You've got the word 'been' spelled 'bene'.
#2: Absu315 said at 2006-09-20 9:41PM:

update and get facts straight

hey that ghost might of been made by Lopez and Sheila. they talked about using theor spare parts to make a vehicle of death. how do u know thats not what it really came from. not that your story of the beings rom b4 was bad. it was very creative
#3: kingzak13 said at 2010-06-1 7:15AM:


seriously ge the facts straightened out

this was made by lopez as part of the robot army

and they hid it in the caves where doc/o'mailey found it and nearly killed tucker with it

#4: rougekill13 said at 2010-08-15 10:40PM:


it was church with a rocket launcher when he went back in time!

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