(Not So) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Yo.
A: 'Sup.

Q: What's with this site?
A: I decided it would be fun to put up a bunch of stuff about Rooster Teeth and their shows.

Q: Do you work for Rooster Teeth?
A: Nope.

Q: What the hell?
A: I know.

Q: No really, what the hell?
A: Oh.  I'm just a really devoted fan.

Q: The site used to look kind of goofy, what happened?
A: Well, since it was looking kind of goofy, I redesigned it. And that was after I'd already redesigned it once before, and removed a bunch of content from it.

Q: You redesigned the site?
A: You are so very perceptive. And twice.

Q: That's cool, can I read transcripts of the Sponsors-Only videos here?
A: Yes, because my sole purpose in life to show you what you're not supposed to see.

Q: Are you making fun of me?
A: You catch on quick.

Q: Okay, okay.  So where do you get your information from?
A: Most of it comes from my own creative mind. ...I have a lot of free time.

Q: Do you want a hug?
A: Do you want me to cut you?

Q: Okay, okay. Can I help?
A: Absolutely. If you know something about Rooster Teeth that I don't have on this site, email me and let me know what it is and I'll take it from there.

Q: What's up with all those obviously misplaced commas in the transcripts?
A: What makes my transcripts unique is that they capture the inflections and pacing of how the characters say their lines.

Q: ...Pardon?
A: That's how they say it in the show, so that's how I wrote it.

Q: In your Red vs Blue episode 39 transcript you misspelled Reveille, whatupwitdat?
A: Please use real words.

Q: Okay, why did you misspell Reveille in Red vs Blue episodes 39 and 40?
A: I try to write my scripts as they're heard in the show.  Most people would pronounce that Re-vay-el, so I wrote it as Revelee.

Q: I found some other error in one of your scripts, can I tell you that you suck?
A: By all means.  Send me an email with the error and what your correction is, and I'll see how much you suck.

Q: Are you going to turn the episodes in to mp3s and host them?
A: At the moment, no.  They'd end up being about 800mb, and that would murder my ISP who in turn would murder me, because he knows where I live.  His name is Matt.

Q: Do you speak Spanish?
A: Nope, I bribed a friend with cookies and used his Spanish skills.

Q: What, like mind control?
A: Now that's just ridiculous.

Q: I'm just saying...
A: I really wish you wouldn't.  Anything else?

Q: ...Does this look infected to you?
A: I think we're done here.