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In the beginning, there was Red Vs. Blue.  Well, that's not quite right.  In the beginning, there was a game called Halo, designed for people to practice murdering each other in.  Then some dudes got together with some microphones and started not blowing shit up, and then they started recording what they did, and lo Red Vs. Blue was created.

Well, okay, that's not quite what happened, but you can get the full story from the official Red Vs. Blue site that I have linked to at least a hundred times on this site.  Suffice it to say, things have evolved over the course of the show, like the addition of music in episode 8, and Grif's sudden testicle drop in episode 18.

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The First Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's First Title ScreenOne of the things that has evolved over time is the opening screen.  You know, like the one to the left over there.  That's the first opening screen they used, on the original trailer and the video where they introduce some of the main characters.  Nice, simple, and the pictures of the rooster and the teeth are symbolic of the word "cockbite."  Clever, huh?

The Second Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Second Title ScreenThey totally skipped the title screen for episode 1, prefering just to pan up to reveal the reds, but for episode 2 they decided to return to the title from whence they'd come, adding a little episode tag at the bottom of it.  "bgc" for "Blood Gulch Chronicles" followed by the episode number.  Not the title, just the number, in roman numerals.  In episode seven it looked like they were going to skip it again, but then they pulled the wool over our eyes to keep them from being burned when the title did indeed show up again.

The Third Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Third Title ScreenBy episode 8 they had some nice intro music to add, so they decided to change up the title sequence again to allow a second screen for the episode title.  Keeping with the white on black theme of red vs. blue, they returned to their roots, with something eerily similar to the original trailer title screen.  They had decided, though, that it was silly for a popular webseries to be brought to we, the public, by a website, and decided to have the series itself bring itself to you... itself.

Red Vs Blue's First Episode Title ScreenThey also stayed with the white on black theme for the episode title itself, making it like a cardboard cutout.  This was a clear tipping of the hat to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who originally made South Park in just this way.  They also picked a deliberately bizarre font, to remind the viewer that even though the series was going through some changes, it was still the bright, fun, relatively care-free entity it had always been.

The Fourth Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Fourth Title ScreenThat set of title screens was short lived, though, when seven hundred emails all arrived in the inbox of redvsblue.com at once claiming epileptic seisures had been triggered by the opening credits.  So they immediately responded, not wanting to be responsible for any more trips to the hospital, by inverting the white and black.  Now it would be a uniform color, and no more seisures except for the incontinent.

Red Vs Blue's Second Episode Title ScreenThey also refined the images of the rooster and the teeth a little, making them seem more ...well, less sucky.  The improvements made, they next turned their attention to the second, episode title screen.  They swapped the black and white again, and all was well in the world.  The Universe had been saved for another few months.

The Fifth Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Fifth Title ScreenEpisode 15 required a slightly different opening screen, because the episode was set in the land of the dead, only occupied by Church, Sarge, and Sheila.  They dimmed the lights and underexposed the first roll of film to make it look like the color had been drawn out of it.  The reds weren't so rosy, and the blues weren't so aquamarine.  This only lasted for one episode though, as they returned to the standard immediately.

The Sixth Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Sixth Title ScreenBy episode 29, the boys at Red Vs. Blue had suddenly realised they were serious in that fifth Public Service Announcement when they said they were going to sue themselves.  They were in trouble, and the only way out of it was to change their name.  So "Red Vs. Blue Presents" became "Cockbite Presents."  The foreign investors were not thrilled about this, so they settled on "Rooster Teeth Presents."

Red Vs Blue's Third Episode Title ScreenThey also spiffed up the rooster and the teeth again, making them look all three dimensional and stuff.  In a last ditch effort to keep some color in the opening credits, they changed the second, episode title screen and revamped it entirely.  Once again, the familiar red and blue of "redvsblue" were present, along with "The Blood Gulch Chronicles," and everyone knew without a doubt where the videos had come from.

The Seventh Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Seventh Title ScreenFor episode 49, they suddenly realised they were doing something horrible with all these high-tech title screens.  Fearing they were detracting from the quality of the episodes, Rooster Teeth decided it would be a good idea to lower the resolution of the title screens, and the music, in order to draw people's attention solely to the video footage.

Red Vs Blue's Fourth Episode Title ScreenUnfortunately, their brilliant plan backfired horribly.  What was originally intended to improve the overall opinion of their show instead was pushing people away.  Reports came in of people not even watching the whole episode, and instead actually burning their entire computer to smoldering ash.  Realising the error of their ways, they immediately reverted to the high-tech title screens, despite Church's law suit, never to look back... at least for now.

The Eighth Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Eighth Title ScreenAll of a sudden, in the middle of 2006, aliens from the planet Macrohard finally succeeded at kidnapping the entire Rooster Teeth office.  It turns out they'd been trying to accomplish this particular task for quite some time, but that's not immediately relevant.  It seems they wanted Rooster Teeth to tell a new story; A story for the people, by the people they'd kidnapped.

Red Vs Blue's Fifth Episode Title ScreenMost importantly, they wanted the new story to have a flashy new title screen.  The old boring high-tech screen just wasn't cutting it in their eyes, and they wanted something that would actually knock their socks off.  When Church explained to them that he agreed with changing the title screen, but that a mere title screen couldn't actually do that for them, they grumbled and finally gave in, and the sub-series called Out of Mind had some new flashy titles.

The Ninth Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Ninth Title ScreenWhen it was time for the fifth season to begin, there was a lot of in-fighting inside the Rooster Teeth studios. The fighting wasn't over which direction to take the show, or whether to make Burnie shave the bear for God's sake, but was instead about something much more important: what font should be used on the Rooster Teeth company screen. It seems there was this upstart font called "Jenkins 2.0" which promised to be faster, sleeker and sexier than the original Jenkins font that had been in use until then. It happened that by pure chance episode 78 came out while Gus was in a chair-induced coma, so the new improved font was used.

Red Vs Blue's Sixth Episode Title ScreenAt the same time the "Rooster Teeth Font Feud" was going on, there was another, quieter battle going on: Church's law suit finally came to fruition, and Rooster Teeth was going to be forced to hand over all revenue that had been gained by them from releasing Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles. In a stroke of genius, they removed the words "The Blood Gulch Chronicles" from the episode title screen, and Church was unable to prove that Rooster Teeth had ever controlled anything called Blood Gulch Chronicles in the first place.

The Tenth Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Tenth Episode Title ScreenAfter the lawsuit was dismissed and Blood Gulch Chronicles ended, everyone in the Rooster Teeth offices were taken over by radioactive mutant robots and forced to release another small drama series in the Red vs Blue Universe. The new and improved Jenkins 2.0 font proved hard on the robots' eyes, and the previous title screen was used again. This was due to a defect in the robots' visual circuitry, which also caused a deficiency in recreating human letters, thus the deformed letters in the episode title screen for this new miniseries. The robots also insisted that the episode title be overlayed on part of the video itself, rather than existing on its own. It took a full four videos for Rooster Teeth to reclaim their bodies, but by then the damage had been done.

The Eleventh Title Screen

Red Vs Blue's Eleventh Episode Title ScreenAfter a long hiatus to allow them to recover their senses and stamina, Rooster Teeth began production of a new Red vs Blue series. One that would be shorter than the original, and yet have longer episodes. However, they would return to work too soon, for the effects of the robot incident were still holding sway over them. Rather than return to the tradition of having the title screens stand alone, both the Rooster Teeth logo and the episode title were placed on top of video content. The inability to properly distinguish letters also lingered, as not every letter in the series title was formed correctly.

The Twelfth Title Screen...?

That brings us to today.  The only people who know what the future of Red Vs. Blue will bring for title screens are those directly involved in the long court process with Church, but I know everyone is eagerly awaiting it all, to see what exciting happenings will be going on for the title screen.  Stay tuned!

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#1: churchgirl77 said at 2008-12-3 5:49PM:


I personally think that Reconstruction was the best title. And also, I hope they do make anohter Red vs Blue series. That way, we can see what super cool title they use! ^_^
#2: ODST187 said at 2008-12-7 12:35PM:


Reconstruction was the best title,and I pray to god they make another RvB series,and I get to see Caboose and Donut again!!^^
#3: Ratcom said at 2009-05-12 3:45PM:


Don't forget relocated! Old music revamped!
#4: rougekill13 said at 2010-08-15 10:55PM:


Revelation is the best of the best and everyone knows it!
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I cant wait to see what stupid thing caboose does next!

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